When you have the right lawn garden tools for organic gardening it makes life so much easier. Like with any other hobby, craft, or activity having the right equipment is a must to get full enjoyment out of it.

Would you enjoy gardening if you had to physically dig holes with just your hands? It may be fun in the beginning but the fun would probably wear thin really fast

Let’s look into various tools you may need for your backyard gardening.

List of Lawn Garden Tools and Accessories

1.Gloves should be the first thing on your list of tools. These will protect your hands from blisters and other things while you are working with your equipment.

The gloves come in various sizes and materials so it is easy to find a pair right for you.

2. Forks are quite useful for breaking up soil, turning compost pile and more. You can find many styles of these with sturdy, long handles for ease of use.

There are even those designed for manure, which if you have farm animals on top of doing organic gardening, having one of these forks will make your job much easier.

3. Shovels are needed to break up the soil to make it more workable. They are also needed to dig holes to plant your crops, seedlings, or seeds in the ground.

There are spades that are flat-edged and sharp enough to cut into the soil. This is the perfect choice to loosen even clay soil.

Then you also need a rounded-pointed shovel for digging after the ground has been sufficiently broken up. This type of shovel is good for scooping up and spreading compost. It is also useful with mixing it in with the dirt.

Are you starting to see how the right lawn garden tools make the difference?

4. Rakes are needed to do gardening correctly. There are leaf rakes that designed with more flexible tines for raking the fallen leaves.

These leaves are perfect for your compost pile if you have one.

Then there are the stiffer-tined garden rakes made for raking the rocks and other debris out of your garden area. This makes the soil better for the plants to grow in.

5. There are many types of hoes and some have flat edges and others are pointed. The blades are not the wide so it is easy to get in close to the plants for weeding or working in plant food.

6. Cultivators are available which help to break up the soil. The ones you operate by hand normal do not reach down that deep.

These are good for getting the soil ready for adding fresh compost. The compost is easier to work in when the soil is loosened up some.

7. Long-handled and short-handled weeders are on the market to help get weeds out at the root.

If you have a hard time bending over chose the long-handled version.

8. Shovels There are various hand tools from shovels to rakes for working closer in. These have short handles.

With the shovels in this category, you can dig the holes just the right size for you flowers or seeds.

The small rakes, hoes and weeders in this category help you weed very close to the plants. Also, if you are doing container-organic gardening these tools are needed for that.

9. Let’s not forget a wheelbarrow for transporting dirt, compost, or bags of amendments for the soil.

10. Garden carts come in handy too, for transporting potted plants to their destinations.

Additional Tools: A seed spreader comes in handy for broadcasting new grass seed. It can also be used to spread your organic fertilizers or pesticides too. You can do this by hand but it takes a lot longer.

Now the above list of lawn garden tools is useful to do your organic gardening in a simple and correct manner.

There are specialized tools for specific purposes too like planting bulbs.

There are various power-garden tools that get their energy from gas, electricity or batteries.  You will find battery powered lawn mowers and gas powered blowers that can handle nearly any backyard gardening task.

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